Friday, 31 August 2012

Miss Magazine September Issue

Thats right! the September issue is out, i worked really hard on it and hope you all enjoy reading it.

To read the full issue click HERE or just go to the "Miss Magazine" page x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just to inform you all...

I have decided to remove both of the blog writers as authors. Neither were really active on the blog and when they did do a post i had to ask for them to do it, which i shouldnt need too.

What really annoyed me is that one of them had not posted for ages, and then made a post asking for MSW votes. I saw this on my blogger dashboard, however it was deleted just minutes afterwards. She may of changed her mind but she still should not of made a a post like that without permission.

I just want to say thank you to my former writers, although you are no longer at the Miss Magazine team you still helped contribute to the blog, I have sent you both a stardoll gift to say thanks, but for now its farewell to you both at Miss Magazine.

I think i will be better being the only writer, i love posting on this blog and do it all for you readers out there. I may concider having writers again in the future, but for now i will be writing alone.


September issue!

Although i didnt think i would be able to complete this months issue i have!

I have been away on holiday a lot but have worked really hard and pulled a few all nighters to complete the issue for all of you. I am really excited about it and i hope you all like it too.

The issue will be out September 1st, i hope you all read it, Many thanks

Friday, 10 August 2012

New Writer And Issue Information

After a long search for the next Madame Advice i have made my choice.

Our new Madame Advice is MarwaMroue

She has impressive writing skills and i believe she will be a great member of the Miss Team.  Her Stardoll account is amazing so please welcome her to Miss by visiting at

Congratulations! you will now need to write an Madame Adivce artical for each issue of Miss. Contact me with any questions.


Due to it being the Summer Holidays i have been very busy recently, I will be starting year 11 at school next month andam busy running the latest contest here called Miss Beauty Queen, so its possible they wont be a September issue of Miss Magazine.

I am considering making an Autumn issue inbetween September and October, I believe this will be better as the issue can be longer and more improved. Thanks to everyone who has been part of or interested in Miss, and i apologise for this decision.

By Cheekycazbo1  xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August Issue Of Miss Magazine!

Thats right the August issue is out!

After not recieving two articals in a row i had to fire the magazines Madame adivice. I am looking for a new madame advice who will have their first artical in the next issue. You can find our more information on my blog at the Staff Page. Auditions will be open in about an hour.

You can view the full issue on the Miss Magazine page, or by going to the link below:

Thanks everyone and enjoy the issue!

By Cheekycazbo1