Sunday, 24 March 2013

Miss Magazine Issue 08

Friday, 22 March 2013

URGENT please read..

I am so mad with myself, I have worked so hard on this magazine and I made a huge mistake the other day..

I recently bought a new smartphone which linked to my Google account, i realised i could view all images i have uploaded to blogger on my phone, which i didn't want. I then did something stupid, 

I deleted all my Google image albums!

I had no idea this would also remove them from blogger, so I need your help. If anyone has either modelled or posted about Miss Magazine using images that are still visible,

please post a link to them below.

I am so upset that all my previous issues have just disapeared and I would like any pages possible, I really appreciate any help i may get xx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Vote for Miss Magazine!

I forgot to post this the other day, Miss Magazine has been nominated for best stardoll magazine at

Please vote for us if you think we are worthy of winning, I would really appreciate it.
If you do vote please comment below so i can thank you for supporting us! xx

Get your Stardoll project noticed (free ads!)

Hello everyone,  First i must apologise for the delay of the March issue, it will be released within the next two weeks. As i will be busy over Easter (with the family visiting, going for a weekend away and school revision) There will not be a April issue. I think Miss Magazine will have a new issue every two months now instead of monthly, I apologise.  

Anyway, the opportunity has come again to get your stardoll project noticed!
Here you can apply for a free advertisement in Miss Magazines March issue!

Please note that you MUST be a follower to apply, and if accepted I will create the advertisement myself.

Just comment below with the following information:

Stardoll username:
About your project:
What would you like on the ad?:
Project link: