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  1. Name: Ashley
    Age:13 turning 14 soon
    Why you're interested?:I love to help medolls sometimes my friend Ajlalapearl would inbox me about help with real life problems and since I gave her advice she turned happy and it felt great to help a medoll with real life problems.

    here is one of my past writing

    Do you know you know that each month a sea turtle dies, even baby sea turtles who are left alone to grow up by themselves. The reason is why they die is because of you and other people on earth! Sea turtles mistaken plastic bags as jellyfish so they swoop down to eat them! Imagine you saying you never killed a thing in your life, but you killed more then hundreds of sea turtles just by using plastic bags instead of paper bags or better, bring your own bag from home! So try doing this and once you complete this task you will be a hero not a murder! Try bringing your own bags from home like bags made out of cloths. And if you do use plastic just put it in a recycling bin somewhere near you! Just by doing these simple tasks, you are saving more than thousands of sea turtles! So one day if you are at the beach just look at the water and just say thank you to those sea turtles for teaching you a valuable lesson.

    and I will add a tiny pic of it on my blog

    1. Thanks, i kind of expected a example of writing related to Stardoll but this is fine. :) x

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  3. Name: Marwa
    Username: MarwaMroue
    Age: 14
    Why your interested? I'm interested because I have heard a lot of amazing things about this blog like how it makes Stardoll easier and sometimes funner so for that reason I really think it would be just amazing to be part of it all.
    Example of work: Stardoll is a meant to be a site where people from different countries come together, meet new people, chat and have the freedom of contacting their new or old friends yet some people use this to be mean, ungrateful and childish. You don't know how many people I've seen on Stardoll who get bullied from this site but it's nothing to do with Stardoll itself but its to do with the nasty individuals who have to ruin it for other people. So this is why action is needed. To prevent any more of this silly mean behavior I think you should either report or even try to reason with these people. That is why there is the word 'friends' in Stardoll's powerful slogan, Fame, Fashion and Friends.

    Thank you and I've posted a photo on my blog under the design contest pictures, HTTP://marwamroue.blogspot.co.uk/

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  4. Name:cass
    Link :My graphics portifolio http://missycass12sgraphics.blogspot.co.uk/
    i just want to say I really hope you pick me and Im improving my graphics every day :)

    Many thanks


  5. Writer application
    Stardoll username: vampirelady33
    Link to example piece of writing:
    Any past experience?: TTT, Beg for more, The Voice - Stardoll free, my personal blog on stardoll
    Anything else you want to say?: I am not really into fashion posts, I am better with real life topics and stardoll related stuff

  6. Writer application
    Stardoll username: danika_19
    Link to example piece of writing: sdmodelinheels.blogspot.com
    Any past experience?: i write for three blogs. Interviews, makeover and celebrities , personalities
    Anything else you want to say?:
    It would really mean alot to me if you accept me as a writer because I want to be more than just a "model". It would help me to show my opinions and other thing I want to say and share with others.

  7. Writer application
    Stardoll username: Pfygsstuy
    Link to example any piece of writing: I forgot the link....
    Any past experience: yes. I've wrote for many blogs.
    Anything else you want so say:
    I really would like the Madam Advice job because I am one of the best advice givers in my school.