Monday, 31 December 2012

New Modelling Agency

Hello my dear readers, many people ask me how to become a model for Miss Magazine, the answer is anyone can by clicking on the page above, although you must be part of a Stardoll modelling agency.

For those who are not part of a Stardoll Modelling agency, heres your chance to apply for one! This agency is Stardoll Model Finders and is a media partner of Miss Magazine.

To apply click HERE but before you do i would research how most Stardoll models look to get inspired and increase your chances of being accepted. Good luck everyone! If you get accepted as a model for Stardoll Model Finders you can then apply to model in the February issue of Miss Magazine by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading xx

New header by Sparklewand12!

Hello everyone, today we got a new header made by sparklewand12. You can visit her graphic blog by clicking  HERE

I personally love it, what do you all think? please comment below with your thoughts!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Just to inform you all... (Jobs available)

I am afraid there will be no January issue of Miss Magazine, and maybe not a February one...

This is for many reasons, i am busy at home with Christmas at the moment and have many exams in January to revise for. My Graphic designer has also decided to leave the team, so there's no way i could complete issues alone.

I am looking for a new graphic designer to help me with future issues, if i can find one before January work can start to create s February issue. I also need a new article writer, If interested in either jobs please apply in the staff and job applications page, Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas to all my dear followers x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Model applications (new system)

Hello, Here at Miss Magazine we only use models from our partnered agencies, well not anymore!
Now anyone can apply to be a model for the next issue no matter what agency their part off. you can do this by clicking
I hope this new system works well, it will give more models the opportunity to be featured in the magazine and maybe help us gain a few more followers.

Thanks everyone, please comment below with your thoughts about this system x