Monday, 2 July 2012

July issue of Miss!

Thats right! The july issue of Miss is out!!! Its on my blog for the first time ever as is improved with graphics and advertisements. I really hope you like it as i have worked really hard on it, enjoy! x

Im not the best at graphic making but i think this issue went quite well for my first one on the blog. Thanks for reading,
By Carriecoolchick x


  1. It's good just work on your hair and adding more pages and check out my magazine at:

  2. It's okay. I bit boring, try to add more color and more editorials.

  3. it rlly looks well made, good job xx loved reading it.
    Btw r u looking for models? xx

  4. Congratulations :) Are you looking for models for your next issue? I would love to model in your magazine ^.^

    xoxo mathildamath