Friday, 27 July 2012

Writer needed!!!

As i am the only writer for Miss Magazine i am thinking of possibly hiring another writer.

The writer would post about stardoll in general, about spoilers, new features and stores ect. You will also have your very own artical in every issue of MISS!! You will be incharge of the spotlight, and will need to find one talented medoll on stardoll every month and interview them for the artical. You will be a judge for all future contests.

Must be a follower of the blog, and member of the club
Must be active and post a few times a week
Must be able to find spoilers and stardoll newsMust be active on stardoll itsself

To apply please fill in the form as a comment:

Stardoll username:
Experience and example if any:
Why you are interested?:

You have untill August 1st to apply, good luck xx


  1. Hey!

    Stardoll username: alinasavciuc (go check it out ;D)
    Name: alina
    Age: 15
    Experience and example if any: I used to write in a blog but it was eliminated because no one commented...
    Why you are interested?: I´m VERY interested. I love stardoll and writing! it would be the best of both worlds ;D i have a lot o free time and i think i could help the owner manage the blog! <3

  2. Hey there!

    Stardoll Username: Divagirl824
    Name: Ambia
    Age: 10 (I know I'm young , but I'm good at blogging =^.^=)
    Experience and Example: I had my own blog and kept posting but nobody commented so it got deleted. I read other blog's such as Lel1996's blog (Her user name is Lel1996). She is defo my favorite blogger.
    Why are you interested? I am REALLY interested. I love to blog and I read a lot of magazines so It makes me want to blog more. I have lot's off spare time so I would use that time to do it. I really want to be a writer! Please choose me!

    Bye ^^ x

  3. Stardoll Username: Vannassa555
    Name: Ashley
    Age: 13 ( turning 14 next month)
    Experience and Example: I have 2 of my own blogs one is for a comic I created and the other is for my cousin who is trying t become famouse. I used to have another blog that was about stardoll but then I deleted it because no one commented it. And my comic blog has been viewed by over 600 people and it has been all over America and in different continents I have some from Europe, Africa, Asia. Cool right? And I always read blogs so I might know a lot of information about stardoll like fashion and cheats.
    Why are you interested: Well I love to blog and I love the spread the word about fashion, do's and don'ts, celeb gossip, stardoll gossip. And since I am part royalty and I am in the royalty club I can help spread the word about what is going to happen on stardoll soon since royalty get the info faster before anyone else on stardoll. And I have a lot of spare time so I will always be active and I am a A+ student in English and Writing! So please choose me to be one of your bloggers! I will advertise a lot to get this bblog more popular and more members if I become a blogger I will even spread the word on my facebook and twitter page thanks so much for reading and have a blogtastic day!

  4. Oh by the way, I wanna ask , how many writers are you choosing?

    1. I was planning on hiring one, but i may hire two to help the blog grow, thanks for your interest and i hope you apply xx

    2. I have , and I really hope you choose me, I love to blog. :)

  5. Hello (;
    Stardoll username: Blackice_fairy
    Experience and example if any: I have no experience just yet.
    Why you are interested?:I am so interested in fashion and dont have anywhere I can outlet my imagination.I would love to help people on stardoll through what I write too.I read lots of stardoll magazines and blogs and other fashion blogs so I know whats interesting. Hope you consider me :)

  6. Stardoll username: Happyangi
    Name: Angelina
    Age: Sixteen
    Experience and example if any: Yes, i was a writer before, but can't remember the blog
    Why you are interested?: was a writer before but when i became covergirl, i decided to leave stardoll for a whole year and now coming back i want to join another magazine, i got a lot of likes on my posted when i was a writer before.

  7. Stardoll username:CutePufferfish
    Experience and example if any:Miss magazine pageant mini winner (2nd) and manager of this club .
    Why you are interested?: I am interested in this job because i spend 2 hours every single day on stardoll , which means i am very reliable and will always post blogs very quickly and efficiently . I cam 2nd in the miss magazine pageant and always sent my posts in on time and gained high standard points , i have done everything i can for this magazine and been a long term member of this awesome club . Please choose me for the best blogs and promoting guaranteed ! Thankyou and good luck everyone ! :) xxx

  8. Thankyou everyone, i have made my decision and stopped the applicants early. I will be posting the results soon xx