Monday, 1 October 2012

October issue of Miss Magazine

Its finally here, the October issue of Miss Magazine. I think the graphics are much better than than previous issues, if interested please go HERE to apply for a free graphic as its good practice for me. There are not many articles as some writers did not send me them, i am looking for new writer so if interested please go HERE. Thanks, please enjoy the issue.

Please comment with your thoughts of the issue below, say any positives, negatives or even future ideas for the Magazine, thank you xx


  1. Huge improvement!
    I love the shirt sweet_gal11 is wearing and the october fashion is cool aswell. Keep up your good work!

    xoxo cathy

    1. Thankyou, comments like this are the reason i make Miss Magazine :)

  2. Hi carrie ! This issue was amazing seriously !! The graphics are awesome .
    But you need to make the hair better and more realistic . But yeah really good well done chick !!! xxxx
    May i be a model in novembers issue ?xx

    Emilia ( cutepufferfish)

  3. i love this magazine. Its not yet popular but i will assure you that it will someday be famous. It very unique because its like in an actual magazine format. Just asking, can you feature a graphic made by me in your mag. like what you did with Crystallam2000? I would love it if you could :)