Friday, 16 November 2012

The history of Miss Magazine

Hello everyone, i was recently sorting out my files on my laptop and came across some old pictures of Miss Magazine, so i wanted to give you a history lesson.

Miss Magazine started as a stardoll fashion line. The blog was made in late may 2012 but became Miss Magazine on June 12th 2012. I was designing a collection at the time and was hoping to release it when i got a few followers, and the banner looked like this
I then changed the style of the blog and banner to this:
I then realised my graphics were not the best and the blog was un-noticed, so i made the decision to change the blog to Miss Magazine. 
At the time i made the issues in my stardoll album, looking back i cant believe how awful it looked. Its embarrassing really! here is one of them:

I then made a contest to attract more readers called The Miss Magazine Pageant. This was a stardoll theamed American beauty pageant. I had around 10 contestants doing scenery, graphic, make-up and fashion tasks, the winner was MissRainbow778. 
Anyone think we should have another contest like this in the future? comment below if you do!

As the magazine improved i changed the banner again (i know i changed this a lot) and decided to attempt a graphic issue. I think it looked quite good considering i was very new to this. The July issue was the first to be made this way:

Since then not much has changed, i improved my graphics and the September issue turned out good.

After that i had an amazing banner made by Jody_Cailin which helped give the blog a more professional look.

And thats pretty much it! and how Miss Magazine was made. I am currently working on the 6th issue, and it will be released on December 1st. It will have a beautiful christmas feel to it, and i cant wait!

Thanks for reading, any thoughts?, suggestions? comment below if you do x


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    1. Im glad you think so! If enough people seem interested im sure i will hold another contest like this :)x