Friday, 22 March 2013

URGENT please read..

I am so mad with myself, I have worked so hard on this magazine and I made a huge mistake the other day..

I recently bought a new smartphone which linked to my Google account, i realised i could view all images i have uploaded to blogger on my phone, which i didn't want. I then did something stupid, 

I deleted all my Google image albums!

I had no idea this would also remove them from blogger, so I need your help. If anyone has either modelled or posted about Miss Magazine using images that are still visible,

please post a link to them below.

I am so upset that all my previous issues have just disapeared and I would like any pages possible, I really appreciate any help i may get xx


  1. The photoshoot with Rei1981 (page 2, last issue):

    The photo shoot with NeonTiara. (last issue):

    The graphic by sparklewand12 with danika_19 and me modeling (last issue):

    1. Hope you get the rest as soon as possible. Didn't you save them on your computer? And maybe ask mangunmeetan for her graphics.

    2. Thank you so much!

      My laptop is quite old and the disk space is rubbish, if I keep around 30 pictures its full, so I sadly cannot keep them on my computer. :/ xx

    3. Oh no! :( By the way, the logo of CMA for the media partners is still at the sidebar of the blog ^^

  2. This happened to me too! All my pictures are off blogger and my computer. :( I know how you feel. But I will keep a lookout for your picture.